Here are some of the questions we received from our visitors:


Q: I’ve received the diamonds and coins but I wasted all in a couple of hours. Do I really need to wait till tomorrow to add again?

A: Well, it really depends how much resources you add. If you add 10k from all of the listed resources it will not be a big deal if you want to add another 10k in a same day.

But it might get risky if you add 1 million diamonds or 1 million coins.


Q: I am currently on my PC but I want to use the tool for my tablet/phone. Will it work?

A: Of course. It doesn’t matter if you are using PC or tablet or phone because the hack is on our servers. It will work from any device and from anywhere.


Q: Will you try to make a glitch for another game too? I’m passionate gamer like you guys so it will be really cool if you do this often, I would really like to see some glitch about boom beach. It’s awesome game.

A: Currently our studies and work is not allowing us to do more of this, but soon we will try to make this for other games too. You have to understand that this is really time consuming.